COVID19 Guidelines

Note: To miminize the risk, we have reduced the capacity of the examination schedules to 30 examinees per day. Make sure to book your schedule before going to CAAP for strict compliance.

Before entering to CAAP premises

• All Examinees shall present an Identification Card to the Guard-On-Duty at the CAAP Main Gate
• Fill out the Health Declaration Form
• Proceed to the Office of the Flighgt Surgeon (Window 2 or 3) for evaluation and approval of your entry.
• Secure a Queuing No. from the Guard-On-Duty at Annex Building Ground Floor.

AEB Health Protocol

AM Schedules
• First batch with Queuing Nos. 1 - 10 will be accomodated from 8am-10am.
• Second batch with Queuing Nos. 11 - 20 will be accomodated from 10am-12nn.

PM Schedules
• Third batch with Queuing Nos. 21 - 30 will be accomodated from 1pm-3pm.

Requirements for taking my knowledge examination.

• Health Declaration Form from OFSAM.
• LCD Form 01-10 (Original & Photocopy).
• Payment for examination (Official Reciept).
• Accomplish AEB Form 02